The Best Swap Meet Options You Can Find in The Market

A flea market is an event organized in a public place or open to the public to sell or exchange used and acquired objects of people other than those who manufacture or trade. Unbundled sales are deemed to include sales of goods in premises or places not intended for sale to the public for such goods, and from vehicles specially designed for that purpose.

The Unpacking

Unpacking sales cannot exceed two months per calendar year in the same room or on the same site. They are subject to a prior declaration to the mayor of the municipality on which depends the place of sale. When you go for the About Georgia Swap Meet then it is for sure that you would get the best options there.

  • Individuals not registered in the commercial and companies register are allowed to participate in unpacking sales in order to exclusively sell personal and used objects at most twice a year. Before the event
  • If the event takes place on the public domain, at least 3 months before the beginning of this one, the organizer sends a preliminary declaration of sale to the unpacking by registered letter with request of receipt notice or delivery against receipt to the mayor of the in which the sale transaction is planned, together with the application for authorization to temporarily occupy the public domain.
  • If the event does not take place on the public domain, the preliminary declaration of sale in the unpacking is to be addressed to the mayor in the 15 days at least before the scheduled date of the beginning of the sale.

The organizer must also establish a register of sellers. This register must be quoted and initialed by the police commissioner or, failing that, by the mayor of the municipality of the place of the event. Citroen C4 Cactus Personal Lease

If the seller is a natural person, the register must include the surnames, forenames, quality and domicile as well as the nature, number and date of issue of the identity document with an indication of the authority that issued it.


Regarding non-professional participants, the register must also mention the delivery of a certificate on the honor of not participating in 2 other events of the same nature during the calendar year.

If the seller is a legal person, the register must include the name and registered office of the seller and the names, surnames, quality and domicile of the representative of the legal person at the event, together with the references of the identity document produced. Citroen C4 Cactus Used Cars

Any person whose professional activity involves the sale of used or acquired movable objects to persons other than those who manufacture or trade them has the obligation to make a prior declaration to the Prefecture or the Sub-prefecture (in Paris at the Prefecture of Police) on which depends its main establishment. It must also keep daily a register containing a description of the objects acquired or held for sale or exchange and allowing the identification of these objects as well as those of the persons who sold them or brought them to the exchange.

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